Get back to a healthy lifestyle

Build Speed, Flexibility, and Strength one Punch at a Time



Washington Boxing Academy in Ardmore offers boxing, kick boxing, self-defense, and personal training sessions for both youth and adults.



$75/mo —
2 Sessions/week
$90/mo — 

Drop-in Classes

$20 —
per session

Personal Training

$60 —
per session

10-Session Pack
save 10% off the per-session price



Our trainers will help execute a program for all experience levels and strength training requirements. 

During your first session you'll learn the proper form, stance, and technique to be able to train with a variety of kickboxing exercises. As the weeks progress, you will feel differences in your strength and confidence.

We'll teach you the why of each form so that you can understand the difference it makes in your breathing, shoulders, arms, and legs.


Adam "Coach" Washington

Kickboxing Fundamentals
Empowering Members
Strength Training

Adam is a father of one and Coach to Washington Boxing Academy. Son of Alden Washington, owner of Washington Boxing Academy in King of Prussia, he hails from a background of boxing expertise and upbringing. Adam is always eager to teach what he knows and enable the love of boxing in all of his students.


Christine "Teach" McCallum

Balancing Fitness & Family
Clean Eating

Christine is a mother of two active teenaged boys, wife to a busy husband, and Adult Kickboxing instructor at WBA. Heavily inspired by the paleo and primal diet, Christine took the plunge into the Whole30 and never looked back, serving as a living, breathing example of the benefits of clean eating.


Andre "Dre" Davis

Strength & Conditioning
High-Pace Workouts

Andre is a resident boxing and strength conditioning coach at WBA. You might find him competing as an amateur boxer through the USA Amateur Boxing association. Dre loves to keep his classes high-paced with a routine that’s constantly being mixed up.


“In order to be at the top and maintain your focus, you have to have something that motivates you.”

— "Marvellous" Marvin Hagler