Our primary mission at WBA is empowering our members. We do this by working with students of all levels to strengthen, teach proper form and technique, while offering a tough workout in a fun, social environment.

WBA is for everyone. From adults to kids, the most in shape athlete to someone just starting a health and fitness routine, the experienced kick boxer to the to yogi. Offering a mix of kickboxing, calisthenics, plyometrics, ab work, and light weight training, there really is someone for everyone in each class. For children, we offer a unique combination of benefits that can’t always be found on a sports team: coordination, self esteem, strength and cardiovascular health. These benefits also help all of our students excel in areas outside of the gym, whether that be running, weight lifting, or other sports.

Our friendly, social atmosphere is made up of members ready to work hard through sound, effective kick boxing techniques taught by the Academy coaches. Our unique combination of exercises helps each member develop the physique they have always dreamed of, and a healthy lifestyle.

But don’t take our word for it….

“My first session at WBA, I was so lost. I hadn’t worked out in months, and there was so much to learn! I put in time to learn the punches and combos, and I was so focused on that, I didn’t even realize I was getting into fantastic physical shape while I was at it! Now, I am faster and more skilled, and I look forward to class all day. I love working out with my new Warrior friends, and love that even after a year of solid work, there is still new stuff to learn every week.” ~ Alex, Warrior for 1 Year